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  Dear companion, we are happy that you took the decision to become a Roulette
Optimizer affiliate. We are happy to introduce that Roulette Optimizer might be
the most powerful and easy software to use for everyone that want to make
profitable systems on roulette.

One and a powerful way is to show your clients how you have made profitable systems in
Roulette Optimizer. Also your account statements at different casinos. We have put some
material you can use in order to promote Roulette Optimizer and be a part of this
successful and powerful product.

We choosed to make our partnership with you fair and by this give you a commission of
50% when you refer a customer.

We will simply share the profits with you!

                             I want to get going, what is the first step?

1. Get a clickbank affiliate username and account

We use clickbank.com as our affiliate program provider. You are able
to open your own affiliate account with them which makes it possible
for you to earn money by selling Roulette Optimizer.

At your account at clickbank you will see how many sells you have
done 24 hours a day.
You will provide your address where you want your checks to be sent.

                                                             Sign up with Clickbank here!

1. Get your affiliate link so you can refer sales

When  you have opened your clickbank account, you will now have the ability
to create your affiliate link which you can use on your website, messages, email
messages and so on.

rouletteop is our clickbank merchant username.
Now you need to replace the xxxxxx with Your affiliate clickbank username.
For example if your clickbank username is spinprofit - you link will look like this:


                                           Commision Structure:

We decided to make our relationship with you fair and simply split the profit.
This means that your commission on each sale you refer will be 50%.

Once you have refered a sale, you will be able to see this on your clickbank account.
This is a good way to follow up your progress in real-time 24 hours a day.

              Banners, Videos, Reviews & other material

Below are material you will be able to use on your site(s) to better refer sales
and make interest.
Just copy the code and paste it on your website.
(Don′t forget to exchange the xxxxxx with your affiliate username)


                                            Video Advertisement!

Feel free to use our Video commercials, tutorials and illustration examples on your
Our presentation video will work great on your website drawing a ton of interest!

(The below are just videos to make interest on your website, there are no xxxxxx
to exchange here. Just copy the code and put it on your site!)

Presentation Video:

Tutorial 1/3:

Tutorial 2/3

Tutorial 3/3

Reviews of Roulette Optimizer

Feel free to use those reviews on your website(s).
It is a good way to make interest and inform the user about the software and product.

(Don′t forget to exchange the xxxxxx with your affiliate username)

Short review:

Long review:



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