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  Frequently Asked Questions (Roulette Optimizer)
   What is the difference between Roulette Optimizer and other software,
    what makes it so Unique?
Most of the software out there are strategies and systems claiming that they are the only ones that will make you win.
Knowing you need to be sure about these strategies efficiency, our team (experts in the field of mathematics,
programming and statistics) have created for you, Roulette Optimizer.
Roulette Optimizer isn't just a simple strategy or system. It is your only way to put any other system or software to the test.
   Do I really need Roulette Optimizer in order to succeed with Roulette?
We all know the answer to this question.
Would you be confident in your system without testing it before using it?
   Is it possible to combine Systems in Roulette Optimizer?

Yes it is!

An Example:
Say you have a system that covers one half of the table and the other system the other half. In this way you are covering the whole table with different systems.
There is a weakness with Roulette and that is that the ball can't be at more than one place at the same time...

This is why this unique and powerful function was developed by our experts.
You will be able to combine up to 12 completely different systems. This means that you have the possibility to run 2 or more systems at the same time.
The great power of this is that you can cover different parts of the table at the same time.

   Is it Easy to use Roulette Optimizer?
It is as easy as placing bets on a roulette table. Roulette Optimizer does everything for you. We are the team of experts, and you are the player.
   How long does it take to insert & test a System?
It depends on how complex your system is and how many Strategies, Sequences and bets you will use.
It will take between: 15 sec - 10 minutes..
   Are there any systems in Roulette Optimizer I can use immediately
   without testing?
Yes there are. Our team has tested for you, multiple strategies that have been implemented in Roulette Optimizer.
By using the autopilot system, the software will visually show you how to place the bets.
   Why is it possible to combine up to 12 Strategies in Roulette Optimizer? 
We see this as the REAL POWER of this software and YOU should take this into consideration when developing your systems. The key of thinking here is to use the "Weakness of Random" as your advantage.
For example if one strategy for the moment has a "Losing-Streak", the other Strategy might have a "Winning-Streak".. 
   What is the secret? How will I think when developing a profitable
There are many ways to build a profitable system for Roulette that are good enough but you need some guiding principles.
Just try to keep in mind the following:  

* Good Strategy
* Good Money Management
* Combination of Strategies (Run 2 or more at the same time).

When you get it right, Roulette Optimizer is here to help. You can run a test with 1000 spins in just a few seconds.

Doing that on a Real Roulette wheel or an online casino would have taken you a whole day or more and who knows how
much money. Not only is it fun but it saves you time and money.
   Does everyone succeed using Roulette Optimizer? 

Not everyone will succeed to find a profitable system.
If you don't find a good strategy today or tomorrow, just keep building your new ideas and try them until you find
something that will give you profit, and when you do, just use it to make money.

   wouldn't the casinos go bankrupt if everyone had Roulette Optimizer? 

People playing at Casinos and online Casinos every year are more than millions.
Only a small percentage of them use a good system. This is where Roulette Optimizer comes in the picture.


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