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     I was just in atlantic city last night playing roulette at B****s, I have won like
     50 $ on my own made roulette system but that is not for sale... THANK U....


     You have to be very careful which Casinos you use. Then you need a system which traps series and also random results......
     and stick rigidly to it!
     Lack of discipline means that in reality there are only very few of us who make a good living at the table :-)


     Similar to real life, patience is an important and indistinguishable part of gambling and when ceating a winning system.
     Be patient, use your head and you will go to places.


     Well, I use only R. O as roulette analyzer (without suggestions of bets) and my brain.

     That's the best strategy to win on roulette.


     I am very happy to have this program, thank you very much for creating this.  
    As you say I can test out all of my ideas and systems. This is just amazing!!  

    Thanks again!


     I just have to send you a ...WOW... I have bought so many programs for Roulette but this program is for REAL. 
    This really shows me if my system will work.., I can't but recommend this software to anyone who really wants to make money...


     This is the best roulette software I have used so far. Thank you so much. Now I am searching the forums for any systems I can
     test with the software.


     The Autopilot system has worked out for me fine, I use it for about 1 hour everyday for 2 weeks and I have made almost 900 $...
     P. S. I just wanted you to know that :)   P. S. I just wanted you to know that :)


     Great website, Great program.............Greetings from Ross..........


     If it works on Roulette Optimizer, it will work in a real casino.
     If it doesn't work on Roulette Opt. it will never work out there either.

     Thank you GUYS.


     Hi. This really took me to a new level of "playing" with roulette. I actually think it is wrong to call this playing, this is an investment.
     I have never seen a software like this and can't really imagine there is a better one. Everything I need is right here.


     Finally testing software... I have waited so long something like this to show up. This seems to be it. I will let you know after I make
     lots of bucks. Or maybe NOT…In the meantime, many thanks from me too.


     You should open up a forum for everyone that is using Roulette Optimizer. The program is so powerful it opens up a new world.
     A forum where we can share our ideas and also test them in the program.
     Please, please…. can't wait for it!



    Thanks to this software. I have found a winning system after a few days. I just cant believe it, I almost gave up before, I am at      
    playing many different casinos (the biggest ones) and have made nearly 3.500 Euro. I know I play A LOT.
    After I’ve found some nice ideas on Internet forums, I combined 2 different systems that covered different parts of the table and
    that was it.

    Did I say Thank you?/Peter T



    If you post this. I just want to share with others that if you really want to have a fare chance to make real money, you must use
    this software or any other that can test your system, otherwise you will only guess or think that you will make money and that
    has never turned out well for me anyway.
    This is the thing. I now have no doubt about that. Have a great day!


    Hey R. O. rules! Thanx !


     If Roulette Optimizer can't make you win on roulette, then most probably NOTHING can.
    Simple as that.


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