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Having losing streaks in your roulette systems?

Even many of the very best betting systems that are used and created by professionals show sooner or later some losing streaks from
time to time. They might not appear often but they will eventually and when they do you want to be prepared and know exactly how to keep
betting for the highest success.

This is one of the reasons of why some people fail and some other succeed. When you finally have found your perfect roulette system,
you need to simulate its behaviour on a very high number of spins and study the long losing strikes (draw dawns) you have from time
to time.
You study how often they come, how long they can be and by how much your account will be reduced when the losing streaks are
appearing. As an example you might have a betting system starting with a bankroll of $100 showing you a winning of between
$400 - $600 seven times out of ten, when you do a simulation of 200 random spins for each test. In this case it is easy to assume that
we have a potential winning system.
Many would be happy and start betting on this system. But what those people often do forget is to study the loosing streaks before betting
one this particular roulette strategy.
If you study the 7 simulations of 200 spins, you might find out that 3 of those simulations have had similar scenarios with longer losing
streaks like this: You had a winning streak up from $100 to $ 500 and then down to $150 and then it went up again and on the last
spin number 200 you ended up having a final balance of $600.

So what do you think happened for most people in this situation when betting with real money?


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Betting with a potential winning roulette system will sooner or later show a long losing streak, the enthusiasm takes over and we start betting differently hoping to succeed better or stop betting just to try another strategy hoping this one will work better. You would have suddenly abandoned your betting system and do what the majority of people would have done.

Remember this!
To succeed you must do the opposite of the majority of people. Easier said than done, we know!

But the fact is that as sooner as you realize this as sooner you will be one step closer to bet like a professional on the Roulette Tables.
Study the behaviour of your strategy very well. Look at its behaviour. Learn how it behaves and when you have done your homework you will bet with high confidence and will be on your way to become a professional player!

Is there a way to reduce the longer losing streaks?

Yes there is! There are a few people that know about this technique and even less that practise it in reality. And even if you happened to hear about this technique or know how it works you would still have a problem to use it correctly if you did not have the right tools to help you.

Let Roulette Optimizer help you take care of this. HOW?

This is simple if you have red the above paragraph “Having longer losing streaks when betting?

As an example:
If you have 2 different roulette systems that you created and you find them developing well, when you test them in the simulation mode in Roulette Optimizer, then you will probably find out that both of your systems do have some losing streaks after studying the graphs with statistical information on the bets behaviour.
What is interesting to notice in this kind of study is that you will almost never find the 2 betting strategies having the loosing streaks at the same time of period! Well you can probably already figure out the purpose of this.
that's right! By implementing 2 betting systems at the same time on the roulette table you will minimize the risk of having long and scary losing streaks.
Why, you might still ask? Well, when betting system number one has a longer losing streak the odds are that betting system number 2 is not on a losing streak at the same time as number 1.
This will dramatically smooth out the draw downs on your account balance. This is true especially when you implement the right money management to it. Let us give you a simple and extremely important lesson on how to combine money management with different betting systems to reduce your risks and increase the chances of success of your roulette systems.

Let's see a simple example:

Let's say you bet on a system where you always bet 10 Euro. You might have started with $50 Euro and after 100 Spins you might have a balance of 150 Euro. You would with other words have been winning $100. Let's say you continue spinning and after another 30 spins you are suddenly down with a balance of $100. You are still + $50 from your starting amount, BUT, you might start getting nervous because you have lost too many times in a row.

Let's now continue with reducing the chances of this situation happening You simply bet on 2 betting systems at the same time, one of the betting systems will be the one mentioned above and you will bet on this same system at the exact same way with ONLY one difference. Instead of you betting $10 on each bet, you will bet $5 on each bet.

On roulette strategy number 2 you will also bet $5 on each bet. So what happens now is that you still bet a total of $10 on each spin but divided on 2 different systems. The result would then be with the odds on your side. In system number 1 that you normally had a loosing streak of $50, you will now have a loosing streak of $25. You might of course not come up to a winning amount of $150 when betting only with $5 instead of $10, but that doesn't really matter because betting strategy number 2 would normally add up the winnings so that with both strategies working at the same time you come close to the same positive result in a long term, just as if you were betting with 3 strategies with a higher amount of money.
Have a look at the illustration above to see some graphs with examples.

There are two main reasons why you want to use this technique

1.You will control your drawn downs on your account and bet with much higher confidence.
2. If you bet with only 1 strategy you have a much higher risk of loosing the whole amount of money because of the losing
    streak keeping too long.

With combined betting systems and good money management you will work against the losing streaks, just like the professionals do and have the potential to beat roulette.
Roulette Optimizer works its magic for you with easy functions where you can combine up to 12 different roulette strategies. Each can be configured exactly after your rules, including money management. As more  you combine as more you reduce the risk of heavy losing streaks and increase your odds of winnings.
Have a look at the illustration above to see some graphs with examples.

Some last words regarding combining roulette strategies and money management:

The most successful traders in the Stock Market have all one thing in common. They all use combined strategies and good money management to be as successful as they are and it is often mentioned in the trading books as the technique of diversification. THIS HAS BEEN PROVED!!

Take a good lesson from this and you are already on your way to the top of Ruling the Roulette tables!

Maybe you are one of those that are or will be interested in searching for bias wheels. Defects on wheels that will make your chances higher are interesting, if you are studying and betting on a real roulette wheel.

Some people made some serious money studying this. Roulette Optimizer can simulate unlimited numbers of random spins for you. Every time the wheel stops at a number, you have the possibility to see how many times the wheel has stopped there. All the numbers on the table 0-36 will always add up to 100% with X number of random spins.
By increasing the number of random spins, you will find that the percentage of each number will spread out more and more equal and you will with some practise get a very good knowledge of how many random spins in average you will need.
When you have this knowledge you are one step closer to start studying bias wheels. One idea of how to use Roulette Optimizer for this is if you have a big database of spins from a Live Roulette wheel. Maybe a database you have found from internet or any other source. Even a database that you have been creating yourself by studying a live roulette wheel.

What you do is that you make sure you have a database with the same amount of spins on your Live Roulette wheel and the simulating Random Spins.
You will know that it is a bias wheel if the results from the database of the Live Spins differ a lot from the results from the Random Spins.
Please keep in mind when looking for bias wheels that it is of high importance that the database of both spins are from a secured source and that you have been registering them yourself carefully.


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